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ZOOBS – photo shoot Hollywood, LA 

Trendsetting – Bracelets
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Christie’s- art auction
Post-War and Contemporary Art Auction
Lot 28 Andy Warhol 1928-1986 

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Mo Helmi – Shoe Designer
Mo Helmi’s designs are inspired by his international up bringing, a love of the graphic arts approach to design as well as nature’s seductive colourful textures.
In 2012 during London Fashion Week Mo Helmi launched his own label of luxury shoes, complementing them with a selection of tailored totes and clutches. His silhouette two-tone designs and lily heels have become and continue to be a signature of his brand’s luxurious allure. Aside from being influenced by the arts and his international upbringing, Mo Helmi continues to be inspired by his travels and the ever-evolving styles of fellow globetrotting fashionistas.

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